A creative collaboration with Piggy Parodies...

Most of you probably know Alan Pirie at Piggy Parodies, with his famous BATPIG image?

Well ...we were approached by Alan to sculpt and create a figurine batch of his cute Batpig character, so I thought you would all be interested to see the sculpt in progress... and might like to pop to his Etsy shop Piggie Parodies if you want one! I believe he will be taking pre-orders soon.

You can see Piggy Parodies' Batpig image in the background (above) as I begin work, using the image as reference. It is a fun challenge creating a sculpture from an image created by another designer and I felt it was important to get Batpig as accurate as possible within the constraints of the process we use.

I took more photos to send to Alan as I adjusted and developed the sculpture.

(Yes there is a real Starwars droid in the background you aren't imagining it... so don't let that distract you!)

Once we were satisfied with the sculpt we started the process of creating the first piece and sent the first prototype to Alan at Piggy Parodies to make sure he was happy... and he is!

You can follow Piggy Parodies on Facebook or Instagram. Alan has created loads fantastic piggy image t-shirt creations and goodies too! The Batpig figurine will be available to pre-order at Piggie Parodies etsy shop very soon!

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