Rachel  Mabin 


About sculptor & illustrator

I feel very lucky to be able to dedicate my time to my favourite things, which are small pets and being creative! My time is mainly spent working. I work hard and for long hours but love every minute. I love sculpting, illustrating and creating graphics. I always seem to have lots of meetings and decisions to make but the Forever Home team are always ready to make life easier! 


I run a busy household with two teenagers that I'm very proud of, one big dog called Bear and currently five guinea pigs (see below)


I can usually be found in my favourite place, sculpting or drawing in the studio, until the early hours of the morning while listening to audio books or music!

When I sculpt a new piece for the Forever Home or Paintapet collections, I begin by writing a list of ideas, creating some rough sketches and some basic sculptures.  I combine all my ideas into one very accurate master sculpture which, once finalised , is made into moulds and cast.


Once the first pieces are cast, colours are chosen, and batches are cast, ready for our brilliant painters to hand paint.


Finally, after many meetings and discussions on colours, I finally get to see the little characters.  They all stand in perfect batches, waiting for their journey to new Forever Homes around the world... A long but satisfying process!



My guinea pigs

When I decided I could give a pair of guinea pigs a forever home, I decided that for me, it was more important to give a happier life to older guinea pigs from a rescue rather than to buy baby guinea pigs. I felt that I could give a forever home to slightly older piggies in need of a home for life, so looked around for a local guinea pig rescue. All of my piggies are from Wheek and Squeak Guinea Pig Rescue and Boarding, in Bishops Waltham. 


There are many many fantastic rescues for all sorts of healthy, small pets. Small pets that are often overlooked but desperately in need of love and a forever home.


I feel we have been lucky to have had them all as they have been happy piggies (except at bath time!) and all have been healthy ...and very loud! They live indoors in their own houses so we get to know them all very well! 


October 2018

Our newest piggies to the Mabin household are Honey and Cupcake. Adopted at the age of 4 years old. 



Tap the pink arrow on the photos to view more of my adopted piggies and if you love them click on the heart!

As a thank you for my lovable herd, we make a  50 pence donation from every painted guinea pig figurine that you purchase from the Forever Home Guinea Pig Collection, to support Wheek and Squeak Guinea Pig Rescue in the UK.

With all other animal purchases from the Forever Home Collections:

We are hoping to in turn, help rescues with projects that support 

Chinchillas, Ferrets, Pet Rats, Pygmy Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Hamsters, 

As soon as we can. We are working on how to make this financially viable so please bare with us! 

I would like to say a huge thank you to

all our customers and collectors around the world.

Rachel Mabin  X

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