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Do you create custom made or bespoke pieces?
A figurine can take days to sculpt and many weeks to transform into an actual figurine, with many staff working on these processes. We get hundreds of requests for custom figurines and it simply would not be possible to create single, custom pieces for everyone, although we wish we could! (It costs too much to make one figurine to sell)
BUT we are busy creating the next best thing... The PAINTaPET range of figurines (currently only guinea pigs, but we are already working on a range of PAINTaPETS for our other little furry pets too) so our collectors will be able to customise their own by painting the piece themselves to look like their own, much loved, pets.
If you would like to be kept informed of the release of new figurines and the 'paint your own' Paintapet ranges please join our Collectors News at the bottom of the page.
Do you paint the PAINTaPET or FOREVER HOME pieces for customers because I'm not creative?
At the moment our trained painters, that paint our Forever Home Studios figurines, have their hands full trying to keep up with the orders for our painted figurines. We are looking into the possibility of employing a painter or two to paint the PAINTaPETs Range ... but this would have to be financially viable covering wages for the time taken to sort through customers photos and emails etc... and paint the pieces from the photos. We are currently not able to offer this service but we will let everyone know if it becomes viable.
Can I paint and personalise one of the guinea pigs from the Forever Home range instead of the PAINTaPETS range? 
Figurines in the Forever Home Collection are painted professionally by our trained painters and collected all over the world. They are much more difficult to paint well so we want to keep this range professional and collectable.
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