Illustration in progress, with new photos now added!

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

So far so good. Still a long way to go!

DAY ONE - time is short today but I'm determined to make a start on this!

I'm beginning a cute illustration for the new Facebook shop page. I hope to include all of the small pets that I sculpt, in this illustration while trying to create some interaction between the characters too.

I started with the teacups and added a guinea pig and hamster.

DAY TWO - a little more time to fit the illustrating in today between sculpting and a Forever Home Studios meeting.

I usually begin with each character, creating very pale scribbles, then build up the sketch, firming up the lines as I go. The whole illustration may end up completely different with the characters in different poses than they are so far... but we will see how it all falls into place! I will add Photographs on this post as I move forward with it!

The start of an illustration for Forever Home Studios' Facebook shop page

DAY THREE - I allocate a few hours to sketch more characters but the valentines sculptures need to be created ASAP so I'm also working on these.

My illustration is drawn and re-drawn a few times while adding characters and moving them into different poses. The composition will also change, until I am entirely happy with the piece.

Still plenty more to do!

With the chinchilla and pygmy hedgehog added, I just need to add the pet rat ... Then on to the fun part, the final illustration!

Illustration with the pet rat added.

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