Custom painted service

Do you want a bespoke, hand painted Guinea Pig figurine to be a lasting memory of your pet guinea pig?

We can hand paint your chosen figurine for you, or as a gift, to look like a mini pet guinea pig...

Have your pet made into a figurine by having one of our painters hand paint a figurine to look like your much loved pet! Simply book your time slot, choose the pet that l...
30 min
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1. Book your time slot below

You can only book one time slot per figurine. If you order more figurines we will not be able to pain them until time slots are allotted to you!

2. Choose your figurine from selection below

2. Upload your photographs below

Upload your four pet photos to Dropbox so we can see your pet that you want us to paint.

We accept all .jpeg .png .pdf files.


Please label clearly with your full name!


Make sure you have photos of front back and BOTH sides of your pet as we can not paint what we can not see. Please upload all four views.

If you can't upload your photos then please LABEL YOUR EMAIL CLEARLY WITH YOUR FULL NAME send them by email to:

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